Welcome to St. Helen’s

St. Helen’s is a privately held, family owned meat packing and processing company supplying superior quality beef, veal, lamb and poultry products to Canada and the world. Our corporate roots go back to the early fifties with the opening of a small butcher shop in the heart of Toronto. Today, St. Helen’s Meat Packers Limited and its associated companies employ over 300 dedicated, highly skilled workers in four separate Toronto locations.

At St Helen’s, our philosophy is a simple one; we treat everyone with respect and always make the extra effort. Our customers, our employees, our suppliers – each form an essential link in the chain of our growth and success. We are a versatile, flexible company capable of reacting quickly to the needs of our customers.

For many years the company slogan at St. Helen’s Meat Packers has been “The Sign of Quality”. One might assume we are talking about product quality, which we are. But we are also talking about quality people, quality service and quality attitude. The rest of this website contains factual information about the company, its products and facilities. But the best reasons to partner with St. Helen’s Meat Packers are often the intangibles, like superior customer service and better all around value.

Best Meats and North of Ninety are value added brands proprietary to St. Helen’s. This website was prepared in co-operation with the Canada Beef Export Federation.
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